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Plant Crossing is the first and flagship product of Avalon, providing a showcase of how the world of Avalon would present itself. It‘s a Web3 Game & Social App based on hyper casual gameplay of Pokémon GO & latest AR / LBS technology.
The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version live in Open Alpha is easy & fun to play. It allows players to walk and enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the real world while earning certain rewards based on productivity of their Botans and Lands - Walk & Collect & Earn. With on-chain smart contracts integrated, users can really own NFT assets and tokens in their wallets, to play with them in game as well as trade on the marketplace.
Plant Crossing is targeting both Web2 and Web3 users, with optimized user experience for non-crypto users to better convert them into Web3. More attractive gameplay with SocialFi mode will be introduced later. The ultimate goal of Plant Crossing is to gamify digital collectible discovery & display, supporting universal NFTs across multiple blockchains with AR & LBS technology on mobile. It will drive massive adoption of web3, through a casual social feature that lets collectors showcase their own collections while discover those of others.
Built as a mobile App, Plant Crossing is currently available on Apple Store and GooglePlay for Alpha stage. Players can download the App to take the journey accompanied by vivid Botan creatures and colorful Lands.