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Farm Mode

As introduced previously, Plant Crossing adopts core economic design of Free to Play, Play to Own and Collect to Earn fashion. The team is trying to find a sustainable solution balancing Web3 tokenomics and traditional game design. Free to Play was introduced as in-app free Botan and Land for easy onboarding users from both Web2 and Web3. Play to Own was introduced through current Walking, Arena and Event modules where users earn in-game resources — $COIN and $AVA to upgrade and then really own NFT. With basic gameplay already deployed, however, Collect to Earn is the missing piece.
The principle of Farm mode is to incentivize users to collect Botans through entertaining and rewarding gameplay. In the first stage of Farm mode, users participate in World Boss Raid Event by dispatching Botans they own. Each event will last for a certain period of time. During the event, users can also gain “Energy” as a new resource (effective only in World Boss Raid Event) to upgrade their Botans during the event to enhance their damage to the World Boss. By end of the event, a ranking reward will be given to users based on the total damage contribution. Moreover, each event will have different BUFF settings which depend on Botan attributes, species as well as different combinations. The ranking rewards will consist of $BNB, $AVA as well as special mystery boxes.
The Land will also play a significant role in the Farm mode. The total number of Botans a user can dispatch is based on the number of Lands (up to 3 Lands) they collect as well as rarity of the Land. One Land can support one team of Botans (up to 3 Botan teams). Land with higher rarity can support additional Botans to participate in the event. In the first stage of Farm Mode, one Land with C/R/SR/SSR rarities can support 2/3/4/6 Botans respectively. Since SSR Land is not released yet during Alpha stage, the max number of Botans a user can dispatch in a single event is 12.
Botan and Land as non-NFT, together with NFT, will also be able to join the game.
The rewards from the Farm mode will not only from the Plant Crossing project, but might also be the assets from other ecosystem partners. The ultimate goal of the Collect to Earn mechanism is to gamify project revenue sharing for ecosystem contributors in a sustainable way.