Event FAQ

Third Party Partner Assets Verification

In the Partner Tasks section, users can claim Carnival Points by holding certain required assets such as tokens, NFTs or SBTs. Here is the instruction for how to verfiy related assets in the event.

Step1: Please click on the "Verify" button

Step2: Please click on "WalletConnect"
. You should install at least one wallet app on your mobile phone and import the wallet address you hold the related assets in order to participate the event.

Step3: Select the wallet app that has been installed on your phone and is ready to use. Please remember to install the related wallet app first and import the wallet address holds the required assets. You need to select the wallet address in the wallet app before selecting the wallet in Step 3&4.

Step4: The selected wallet app will be automatically opened for you to log in.

Step5: After successful login, a prompt to connect the wallet will automatically appear. Please click on the "Connect" button. Please make sure you choose BNB Chain as well as select the wallet address holds the required assets.

Step6: After the wallet is successfully connected, it will automatically return to the Verification page. Please click on the "Continue to verify" button. Note: You can also disconnect the wallet app connection and change the wallet address in your wallet app if you choose a wrong wallet address or need to switch to other wallet address.

Step7: After successful asset verification, you can click on the "Claim" button to receive the reward

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