Privilege System

Whatโ€™s Privilege System?

Plant Crossing encourages players to spend 10โ€“15 minutes every day in game to explore features and enjoy fun of gameplay. Privilege System was created to record in-app action of an account in lifetime and incentivize users with long term engagement with rewards.

To evaluate how active a player is in the App, Privilege EXP will be applied to accounts based on behavior in walking and Arena, treasure pot deposit and claim, selling and purchasing NFTs, and AVA gaining and consumption etc. EXP are cumulative so keeping active from day to day really counts.

Privilege EXP refer to Account Level. There are a total max 10 levels with each level corresponding to a EXP range.

What can players get by boosting Account Level?

  • In-app privilege: higher Account Level shares more in-app rights, such as boosting walking efficiency (i.e. earn 3 steps by walking 1 step), raising Treasure Pot reserve cap, skipping battle in Arena to save time, more free & paid spin chances in World Adventure; special gift & package in store; purchase rights in store and a lot more to be added in the future

  • Token airdrop: Account Level will be crucial reference to official token airdrop in beta stage right after TGE. Boost your level to secure more potential benefits

How does Privilege System Work?

There are Daily, Weekly, and Advanced Privilege Tasks in Privilege Center. By meeting each task requirement, players gain some Task Points. Collecting Task Points pushes progress bar and unlocks Chest.

Chest produces a variety of rewards โ€” COIN, AVA, Privilege EXP, and Shard (you can preview rewards of a chest by clicking the chest icon).

  • COIN: added to COIN Jar in App homepage

  • AVA: added to Treasure Pot

  • Privilege EXP: added to EXP bar in Privilege Center; used to level up account

  • Shard: added to Shard section in Collection; 80 Shards consist of a complete Privilege Mystery Box; By opening Privilege Mystery Box, players have 85%, 10%, and 5% chance to get 30 AVA, 1 C-Land, and 1 C-Botan respectively

Daily Tasks are rest 00:00 UTC every day. Weekly and Advanced Tasks are reset 00:00 UTC every Monday.

How Will My in-game Activities in the Past Count?

Upon the system deployed, there is clear guide in the App on how various action types add Privilege EXP to your account from then on.

For activities prior to system deployment (eg. some players start playing months ago), thereโ€™s a different method to calculate EXP. Accounts signing up before the update will start with some EXP and certain Account Level. some active users might reach max level at the very beginning. EXP regarding previous activities take a few activity types into consideration, including cumulative walking steps, log-in days, invite numbers, Botan upgrade, Arena participation, and various on-chain action (transferring NFT between Collection and Wallet, purchasing & selling NFT in the market, AVA package purchase history, breeding, etc. )

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