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First Omnichain AR Game

Omnichain Airdrop Made Fun
Plant Crossing, as the first showcase dapp of Avalon, targets the first omnichain AR game enabling phygital Web3 through spatial computing. This innovative application allows users to interact with their digital collectibles in a more tangible and engaging way, blurring the lines between the digital and physical world.
Plant Crossing partners with 10+ top L1&L2 and ecosystem projects for onboarding omnichain users based on gamified airdrop gameplay. By innovatively adopting gamified airdrops as incentives to players, it makes the casual game fun to play while avoids 「death spiral」 crash of typical GameFi projects. Players walk in real world and battle in game to collect resources and privilege points - based on which airdrops are made as a series. The more resources and points collected, the more airdrops.