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Plant Crossing adopts free to play, play to own, and collect to earn mechanism for massive adoption of Web2 users onboarding Web3. It also supports multiple top tier L1 & L2 chains that enable users to claim various airdrop rewards in a gamified way from many ecosystem project Avalon partners with.
After downloading the App, players register with email and the system will create an in-app wallet automatically. To help with players' first landing, the system provide one Land and one Botan both for free. They are then able to start the journey with handy instructions.
The MVP version in Open Alpha stage allows players to walk and enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the real world while earning certain rewards. Players collect, breed, level up and exchange Botans, the digital collectible of fantasy creatures. There are multiple stages of Arena for different level of Botans. Currently the App only supports the simple PvP mode where each Botan randomly finds its opponent to compete based on their attributes and steps of players within 24h.
After winning each battles in Arena, a certain amount of $AVA tokens will be rewarded into the winner's Treasure Pot. Users can claim these rewards into their wallets. They cannot gain new rewards if the Treasure Pot is full. Each match will consume one Vitality of the Botan no matter winning or losing.
More attractive gameplay modules in SocialFi mode will be introduced later.
Botan & Land
Botan: Sheep Tree
Botan in Arena