Event Rules

  • Overall Event Information

  1. BNBChain Spring Carnival officially begins at 10:00 UTC on 3/27 and will last for 10 days, ending at 23:59 UTC on 4/5.

  2. The carnival event consists of 5 key activities: Daily Tasks, Partner Tasks, Lottery, Mint, and Leaderboard.

  3. Users can earn carnival points by completing Daily Tasks and Partner Tasks.

  4. Event points can be spent on the lottery, which has a 100% winning rate. Rewards include COIN, AVA, MintCoupon, and Partner Rewards.

  5. MintCoupons can be used in the Mint interface for a free Mint, which can obtain a C Botan.

  6. During the event, we will have a Botan Total Level Leaderboard. Users with higher rankings at the end of the event will receive whitelist rewards for the upcoming Plant Crossing Genesis NFT Sales.

  • Daily Tasks

  1. Starting from the first day of the carnival event, new daily tasks will be unlocked at 00:00 (UTC) each day.

  2. Task types include, but are not limited to, cumulative app logins, walking, participating in the arena, upgrading Botans, etc.

  3. Each completed task can claim a task reward - carnival points, with different tasks offering different amounts of reward points.

  4. All tasks will be accumulated during the event, and rewards can be claimed at any time once the task conditions are met.

  • Partner Tasks

  1. We have collaborated with well-known partners to co-host the carnival event.

  2. Many partner tasks have been arranged, and completing these tasks will also earn carnival points.

  3. Regarding asset verification tasks: for some partner tasks, users need to provide a specified wallet address (obtained through a third-party API without compromising wallet security) to verify if the specified assets meet the partner's requirements.

  4. Completing partner asset verification tasks will earn a large number of carnival points.

  5. Special note: each wallet address can only be verified once for one partner task.

  • Lottery

  1. Carnival points can be earned by completing daily tasks and partner tasks.

  2. Each lottery draw will consume 100 points.

  3. Every lottery draw has a 100% winning rate, with main reward types including COIN, AVA, Mint Coupon, and Partner Rewards.

  4. Partner Rewards are provided by partners, and we will collect the winner information. After the carnival event ends, we will provide the information to the partners, who will distribute the rewards.

  • Carnival Mint

  1. Only available during the carnival event, and the carnival Mint entrance will be closed at the same time as the event ends.

  2. Note: Mint is an on-chain operation, and normal gas fees will apply. Please be patient while waiting for the Mint to be successfully added to the blockchain.

  3. Each Mint will consume one Mint Coupon, and a successful Mint will always obtain a C Botan.

  4. Mint Coupon can be obtained through the Lottery during the event, and these coupons are required for the Mint feature.

  • Leaderboard

  1. During the carnival event, we will have a Botan Total Level Leaderboard.

  2. The leaderboard will rank users based on the total levels of all Botans in their Collection.

  3. The higher the total Botan levels, the higher the ranking.

  4. In case of a tie in ranking, users with more Botans will rank higher.

  5. 5. If still tied, the time of achieving the ranking will be used as the determining factor.

  6. The leaderboard does not refresh in real-time; it refreshes every 5 minutes.

  7. The top 500 users will have their rankings recorded and will receive NFT sales whitelist rewards. In the upcoming Plant Crossing Genesis NFT Sales, they will have priority purchasing rights.

  8. At the end of the carnival event (23:59 April 5 UTC), we will record the ranking information at that moment.

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