World Adventure

In 2090, 10 years after Giant Impact 2.0, residents in Plant Kingdom encounter a new problem — limited resources have been gradually drained in the past few years. Interstellar dust and substance floating over the sky prevent photosynthesis by blocking sunshine, thus impeding further resource production. Avaloners have no choice but go on World Adventure to seek the New Land, together with Botan in a symbiotic relationship with them. They soon find a new land. However, bad-tempered plants living on the new land, which belong to totally different species from those in Plant Kingdom, fight fiercely with Avaloners. Players need to take the journey of World Adventure in order to conquer the land and get new Botan! Let’s start now.
Introduction to World Adventure (The first gameplay of Farm mode)
World Adventure, the first gameplay of Farm mode, is an in-app feature built to share project revenues with players in a sustainable way. Designed in series, World Adventure will be launched periodically with multiple seasons, and each season lasts for certain amount of time, e.g. a week. By making a squad with Botans on Land, players take the journey to battle against a specific World Boss. Damage to the Boss is determined by both damaging capability and time. During the adventure, damage capability varies continuously given the different number of Botans in squad, stats of Botans, and Buff add-ons. At the end of each season, the leaderboard by total damage will decide the rewards to players — higher ranking, more rewards.
How to Make a Squad
Chosse your Botan Squad
The squad is composed of teams, with Botans in each team. Botan is a squad’s main force. In the Alpha stage, a player can make up to 3 teams (on 3 lands) in World Adventure. C, R, SR, SSR Land can host 2, 3 ,4, 6 Botans respectively. Both NFT and free non-NFT can be deployed, but only those in Collection are eligible (NFTs in Wallet need to be transferred to Collection).
Players can enter World Adventure anytime during a given season, and quit anytime as well. To build a squad, players need to first pick Lands to form teams and then dispatch Botan to each team. Once successfully saved, teams become effective and start causing damage to the Boss.
Botan and Land being dispatched in World Adventure can be used in daily walking and Arena features at the same time. However, they can’t be transferred to other wallets or listed on the marketplace (since they are in Collection). If players want to transfer or list any NFT, it needs to be removed from the squad first. Changing squad settings is allowed anytime during the season.
Total Damage Calculation
World Adventure Boss
Total Damage is calculated on a cumulative basis in a season. Since players can change squad settings anytime, the squad’s damage capability fluctuates. We use Damage per Second to measure a squad’s damage capability.
Total Damage = Damage per Second in Period A * Seconds of Period A + Damage per Second in Period B * Seconds of Period B + …… + Damage per Second in Period N * Seconds of Period N
*Period A, B … N: any given period of time during a season; players can change the component of squads anytime leading to different damage capability
Damage per Second in Peroid N = (Sum of Attribute Stats of Botan 1 (Sunshine, Rain, Wind, Snow) + Sum of Attribute Stats of Botan 2 + …… + Sum of Attribute Stats of Botan N) * (1 + Buff Bonus)
*Botan 1, 2 … N: Botans dispatched to World Adventure in Period N
*Buff: squads that meet certain requirements share Buff bonuses; Buff requirements designed catering to each season, vary among different seasons
For example, a squad of 3 Botans with sum stats of 300, 350, and 380 has Damage per Second of 1,030. If the squad is put into battle for 3 days, its Total Damage (no Buff) is 1,030 * 3 * 24 * 60 * 60 ~ 267M.
Botan attribute stats in World Adventure are separate from the stats outside of this feature. During each season, all Botans start with stats at lv. 0, regardless of their actual levels in the game. Players can upgrade Botans in World Adventure by consuming Energy — the special event resource only effective in World Adventure.
Upgrading only affects Botan levels on World Adventure (no effect on its level outside). For example, a Botan at lv.10 with the current sum stats of 300 will start with sum stats at its lv.0, say 200, which can be strengthened by upgrading.
Upgrade Botan in World Adventure
Lucky Wheel
Players can use Energy to upgrade Botan to enhance its attribute stats. The Energy can be obtained in Lucky Wheel. Spin the wheel to gain Energy (amount of Energy varies among spins). Besides Energy, players might get some $AVA token and spin tickets (spin for another time) on the wheel.
Each player has 5 chances to run the spin every day for free. Additional spins can be purchased by $BNB. Make your own decision carefully on whether to pay for a spin (hint: balance potential rewards given your ranking on Leaderboard with the costs to purchase extra spins).