• During the carnival event, we will have a Botan Total Level Leaderboard.

  • The leaderboard will rank users based on the total levels of all Botans in their Collection (Botans in Wallet and Market do not count).

  • The higher the total Botan levels, the higher the ranking.

  • In case of a tie in ranking, users with more Botans will rank higher.

  • If still tied, the time of achieving the ranking will be used as the determining factor.

  • The leaderboard does not refresh in real-time; it refreshes every 5 minutes.

  • At the end of the carnival event (23:59 April 5 UTC), we will record the ranking information at that moment.

  • The top 500 users will have their rankings recorded and will receive NFT sales whitelist rewards. In the upcoming Plant Crossing Genesis NFT Sales, they will have priority purchasing rights.

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