Project Avalon

Enabling spatial computing in Web3 across universal omnichain digital assets.

Web3 Made Phygital

Avalon's vision is to enabling spatial computing in Web3 across universal omnichain, providing immersive experiences for users to interact with digital assets in real-world. We believe this vision is crucial for the massive adoption of Web3 and digital collectibles/NFTs in the real world.
Currently, digital collectibles are largely confined to the digital realm. Users can only view and interact with them on a screen. However, with spatial computing, users will be able to see their digital collectibles in the real world, interact with them, and even share them with others. This will make digital collectibles more engaging and exciting, and it will make them more appealing to a wider range of users.
For instance, users could place digital collectibles nearby their home, office, a Starbucks shop or event place, and use spatial technology to interact with it. They can play games with digital collectibles offline, join event based airdrops and interact with local brands & merchandise through NFT based items. They could also claim and trade digital collectibles with others offline. These are just a few examples of how spatial computing can make digital collectibles more engaging and exciting. As spatial computing technology continues to develop, we can expect to see even more innovative and exciting ways to use digital collectibles.